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MailWasher Enterprise Server

A PoA Powerful, Highly Accurate, Mail Server Anti-Spam Solution

MailWasher Enterprise Server. A Powerful, Highly Accurate, Mail Server Anti-Spam Solution.

MailWasher Enterprise Server  (MWES) is a robust and extremely effective server-side spam filter that is flexible enough to handle small businesses' needs through to very large companies and ISP's.

MWES stops spam instantly while offering a polished, well-integrated web interface and built-in quarantine management facilities. It is simple for administrators to set up and manage and easy-to-use for users on a day-to-day basis.

Windows and Linux Versions With Any Mail Server

Windows: Use any Windows mail server (Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, SmarterMail, IMail, Communigate Pro, etc.

Linux: Any MTA such as Sendmail, Postfix, QMail, Exim etc.

Main Features

  • Instant protection against spam and phishing.
  • Maintenance-free with real-time spam signature updates and intelligent learning.
  • Quick installation 10 minutes install and configure.
  • Privacy - emails never leave your network.
  • Lightweight - low system resource usage. Will significantly reduce the load on your mail server.
  • High performance - multi-threaded software that takes advantage of multi-core processors. Easily processes over 4000 emails/minute on a mid-range machine.
  • Scalable - configure many instances of MWES to talk to a mail server or vice-versa.
  • No downtime due to MWES - email is still delivered.
  • Plugs into your mail server - no extra hardware required.
  • User-based pricing - with unlimited aliases.

Simple for End Users

End users can be sent a daily list of quarantined email and rescue blocked messages. This means users don't need to learn anything new or have additional software on their desktops.

Quick Setup

MWE is very easy to install, typically in 10 minutes. It works straight out of the box, so there's very little configuration needed.

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