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Get ride of spam with anti-spam Mailwasher Free or Mailwasher Pro 2012

Tired of opening up your email program only to find your mailbox is full of spam? Or maybe your afraid of accidentally opening a piece of spam and getting infected? Then Mailwasher Free or Mailwasher Pro may be just what you're looking for.

The Mailwasher Pro 2012 main screen with email preview pane
The Mailwasher Pro 2012 main screen with email preview pane

I have written several times now about Mailwasher Free and Mailwasher Pro, as I have used the pro version for over ten years now. Having the ability to read just the text (no html rendering) of an e-mail without opening it is fantastic. I can see what attachments and links may be contained inside of any email. I then can decide to delete it, send it back as undeliverable (bounce) or download it to my email program.

The email information pane in Mailwasher Pro 2012
The email information pane in Mailwasher Pro 2012

Mailwasher comes in two versions, Free and Pro. Both versions work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, G-mail and every other mail program. Mailwasher Pro allows you to check an unlimited number of email accounts, access to First Alert global spam database and the advertising banner at the top of the program is removed. The Pro version also has the latest features.

The folks at Firetrust have just released the latest version of Mailwasher Pro 2012. Here's a quote from the Mailwasher Pro website:

New Features in MailWasher Pro 2012

The overall look has been further simplified and tidied up to make MailWasher easier to work with.

There's a new preview pane with integrated spam tool evaluation which can be shown or hidden. The preview pane also has a 'show more info' link which drills down to give you more useful information about the email you receive. This is particularly useful when you're not sure of the legitimacy of an email.

New Preview Pane
Now you can see where it comes from, who really sent it, how many attachments, embedded links, ownership information and more, so the decision making process is much easier.

Easy Auto-delete
Lots of people kept asking us for an auto-delete function. It's always been in there, but it's now part of each spam tool, so you can go to the Options section of each spam tool and select 'Auto delete'. So if you want to automatically delete emails from people in your blacklist, now it's really easy to do.

Quick mark all for delete
One commonly requested feature is a 'Mark all for delete' option. There was already a right click option to select it, but we made it easier by having a check box at the top of the delete columns.

Hide Emails
Hiding emails is useful if you want to make other emails stand out. For example you might want to hide emails from friends so the spam is more visible, thus making it easier to deal with.

Better 'New Email' notifications
Clearer notification of new emails means if you only check one email account in MailWasher, you'll be shown a short notification of the content of the last 4 emails. If you check more than 1 email account, you get a short summary of new email for each account.

Speed improvements
Users of older computers will notice significant speed improvements since the 2011 version was first released, while everyone should notice the application seems more snappy.

More languages
MailWasher now supports 18 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, French Canadian, Dutch, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Norwegian, Armenian, Croatian, Danish, Japanese and Pirate!

For more information on Mailwasher Free or Mailwasher Pro 2012, just follow the links below:

Mailwasher Free
Mailwasher Pro 2012

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