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Use Speech Recognition to operate windows and programs in Windows Vista

You can use your voice to work with windows and programs. Usually, you can just say the command that you want to perform. For example, to minimize all open windows, you can say "Show Desktop." To see the System Properties dialog box, you can say "Right-click Computer," and then say "Click Properties."

To open Windows Speech Recognition:

  • Click on the Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Ease of Access, then click on Windows Speech Recognition.

Speech Recognition commands for working with windows and programs
The following table shows Windows Speech Recognition commands for working with windows and programs. Words in italics indicate that you can say many different things in place of the example word or phrase and get useful results.

To do this Say this
Click any item Click File; Click bold; Click Save; Click Close
Double-click any item Double-click Computer; Double-click Recycle Bin; Double-click Folder Name
Right-click any item Right-click Computer; Right-click Recycle Bin; Right-click Folder Name
Minimize all windows to show your desktop Show Desktop
Click something you don't know the name of Show numbers (Numbers will appear on the screen for every item in the active window. Say an item's corresponding number to click it.)
Click a numbered item 19 OK; 5 OK
Double-click a numbered item Double-click 19; Double-click 5
Right-click a numbered item Right-click 19; Right-click 5
Open a program Open Paint; Open WordPad; Open Program Name
Switch to an open program Switch to Paint; Switch to WordPad; Switch to Program Name; Switch application
Close a program Close that; Close Paint; Close Documents; Close Internet Explorer
Restore Restore that; Restore Paint; Restore Internet Explorer
Minimize Minimize that; Minimize Paint; Minimize Internet Explorer
Cut Cut that; Cut
Copy Copy that; Copy
Paste Paste
Delete Delete that; Delete
Undo Undo that; Scratch that; Undo
Scroll in one direction Scroll up; Scroll down; Scroll left; Scroll right
Scroll an exact distance in pages Scroll down 2 pages; Scroll up 10 pages
Scroll an exact distance in other units Scroll up 5; Scroll down 7
Go to a field in a form or a program Go to field name; Go to Subject; Go to Address; Go to Cc

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