Get rid of unwanted e-mail with Mailwasher 7

Virus removal is a large part of doing computer repair. There are different ways your computer can get infected; one of them is by opening an infected e-mail message and/or attachment. When any of my clients ask how I deal with unwanted e-mail, I tell them about Mailwasher, the anti-spam program from Firetrust.

The main screen inside of Mailwasher Pro 7.1.0

With Mailwasher, you view all of your e-mail without opening it or the attachments. That way you can read it before you open it in your e-mail program or browser. You can also view the source of the mail and find out if the sender and server are correct. Plus, you can check the links inside your e-mail to be sure that they are valid. And best feature of all, you can bounce mail (send back marked as undeliverable).

The main screen inside the Android version of Mailwasher

The latest release, Mailwasher 7.1.0, has some great additions and improvements, including a smartphone app and syncing between computers / smartphones. Here's a brief list of the changes:

  • Added the ability to Sync MailWasher Pro settings and accounts between PCs
  • Added the ability to Sync MailWasher Pro settings and accounts with MailWasher Mobile for iOS and Android
  • Added the ability to view emails in HTML
  • Added slider to Performance settings to control how much text is sent through Quick Reply/Forward
  • Improved Contact Importer
  • Improved Account Importer
  • Improved encoding for Quick Reply/Quick Forward for web based email clients
  • Improved Sent and Received columns not updating on date rollover

Mailwasher comes in two versions, Pro and Free. Both versions work with Outlook, Outlook Express,, Windows Live Mail, G-mail and every other mail program. Mailwasher Pro allows you to check an unlimited number of email accounts, access to First Alert global spam database and the advertising banner at the top of the program is removed. The Pro version also has the latest features.

For more information on Mailwasher Pro or Mailwasher Free, just follow the links below:

Mailwasher Pro
Mailwasher Free

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